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About me

Hello! I'm Artur, student of Software Engineering in Lancaster University.

I started learing Front-End development by myself and online courses in early 2019.

While creating websites I highly focus on Responsive Web Design, while using technologies like CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid.

I believe that everything can be overcomed through hard work and commitment.

My experience
Frontend Developer Internship
Clever Code
01.06.2019 - 30.06.2019
  • I was learning basic Frontend stuff, while creating small project
  • I learned technologies like HTML CSS SCSS Javascript
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Technologies I work with
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My projects
Javascript Chess
A project with working AI using only Javascript. Fully responsive, created with HTML, (S)CSS, Javascript and elements like HTML Canvas, Grid, Flexbox.
Created 15.08.2020
Aleks Films
A website about video production company. Fully responsive, created with HTML, (S)CSS, CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid and JS.
aleks films
Created 31.08.2020
Medical Equipment Service
A basic project about medical equipment service company. Fully responsive using flexbox and grid, created with HTML, (S)CSS and JS.
Created 05.08.2020
A website about optican company. Fully responsive using flexbox, created with HTML, (S)CSS and JS.
agencja 3a
Created 16.02.2020
Agencja 3A
A website about real advertising agency 3A. Fully responsive, created with basic HTML, CSS and JS.
agencja 3a
Created 01.04.2019
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